About me

Who I am.

I'm a freelance web designer from New Delhi, India with 5+ years of experience in website management, including backend handling, frontend design and marketing.

What I do.

I create and manage beautiful and optimised websites for my clients, besides providing help with SEO and UI/UX design.

Consult me

I provide consultation regarding branding and online marketing; or advice related to website optimisation, usability and code quality.


Web Design

I'm passionate about beautiful yet fast websites and web apps with creative and original designs. I focus on greater usability, and higher conversion rates. I mostly use WordPress or Bootstrap for my projects and use child themes upon the Genesis/Thesis Frameworks.

Web Development

I follow the industry's best practices and it wouldn't be too much to say that I almost have an OCD when it comes to code quality. I'm proficient in Javascript, PHP and MySQL and can handle both server-side and client-side programming reasonably well.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you want to rank high on google for important, lead generating keywords, without burning a hole in your pocket; I'm your guy. This keyword optimisation works in tandem with a focus on code quality, superior link building and valuable content creation.

PageSpeed Optimisation

Faster loading websites provide a refined user experience and rank better in search results. I'm highly proficient at PageSpeed Optimisation and know much more than just installing plugins or copy pasting code. I provide real results for you to see.

Graphic Design

I believe in minimal, functional design that's more than just eye candy. I'm proficient at Photoshop and Corel Draw and provide handcrafted solutions for clients looking for great branding and logo design. I also design business cards and invoice templates.


You can also contact me for help and advice regarding issues concerned with my niche. I've often been told I have an eye for good design, and I'd be more than willing to help improve your product/interface/brand.

The Perfect PageSpeed Score.

100/100 on Google Developers PageSpeed Insights.

The best testimony to my abilities as a website speed optimization Professional is that my website has a PageSpeed score of 100/100, which people only manage with near-blank, no-frills webpages. Achieving this with a full fledged website that has custom webfonts and full screen images, without compromising with functionality is no mean feat.

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On Mobile.

yashaswi sharma pagespeed

On Desktop.

yashaswi sharma pagespeed

Big deal?

A perfect pagespeed score is quite a rarity. Even the Google homepage, with all its simplicity, has a PageSpeed score of 79 while Facebook and Wikipedia secure a meagre 50.